Saturday, January 15, 2005

License Maker

Click the link above to get your very own License Plate.
I thought this was fun.


sonya said...

Oh that was fun! I copied and posted on my journal too!
Comment from bookncoffee - 1/16/05 5:45 AM

becky said...

I made one of these a while ago...LOL it was for my post about IBS and the plate said GOTTA GO. LOL
Comment from ryanagi - 1/16/05 10:22 AM

bridgett said...

Just wanted to write and say 'thank you' for all the nice comments you leave in my journal.

I was just looking at all your pictures. AMAZING! They are absolutely fabulous. You have some real talent. And your doggies are pretty cute too. ::grin::

I'm off to make a license plate!

...And Then There Were Four
Comment from bridgetteleigh75 - 1/16/05 10:12 PM