Thursday, January 13, 2005

More of My Photo Sunday Photos...

This is my town... Boise, Idaho...

The mountains of Bogus Basin, above the city of Boise.

The downtown city of Boise is in a canyon created by the Boise River. The city itself, sprawls up over a couple different geological benches.

These first three shots of the Capitol were taken from the Boise Depot park, overlooking Capitol Boulevard and the Capitol.

The State of Idaho's Capitol Building, in Boise, Idaho.

The steps to the north of the Capitol Building.

The reflection of the Capitol Building on the building behind the Capitol. I have always thought this would be a great photo, if I could capture what I see in real life. I might try again in the spring when the trees are in bloom.

I have just a few more photos to show from My Photo Sunday shootings, I'll post the last of them tomorrow.

It's just my opinion, but I do think a couple of these shots are postcard worthy. I wonder how I could submit my photos for something like that?? Something to look in to.

All this photo taking and posting has really taken my mind off the troubles of my holidays. I haven't heard from my daughter or my parents since the big blow-up before Christmas. My birthday is a week away, next Friday the 21st, and I suppose I will receive the same silent treatment I did at Christmas. Someone mentioned the other day, if you do not expect anything, then you are not disappointed when you don't get anything, or something like that. I will keep this in mind so that I'm not terribly disappointed. Who knows. Maybe I'll be mildly surprised.

My daughter should be in Mexico City, Mexico, Saturday the 15th. Her band is due to play a show there. She is not answering my calls or emails, so I have gone out to the band's website to see if the tour is still on. As far as I can tell, it's all a go. I hope she does well and is able to see the sights... and someday be able to share with me the fun she has there.


hope4meeeee said...

once again such lovely picture ..going to love seeing some snow pictures since i dont have any and want some lol
Comment from hope4meeeee - 1/14/05 2:50 AM

readmereadyou said...

What great photos. I love the reflecting photos best. : )

Comment from readmereadyou - 1/14/05 6:29 AM

erika said...

Great shots! Makes me wanna take a trip to Boise!
Comment from cutebutpsycho028 - 1/14/05 7:32 AM

jae said...

Wow! I had no idea that is what Boise looks like! Thanks for showing us! I like the reflections, too! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 1/14/05 11:51 AM

becky said...

Wow! Boise is pretty! Who knew? LOL
Comment from ryanagi - 1/14/05 12:57 PM

sonya said...

Your pics are awesome. Boise is really pretty. It is good to see what it looks like. That was a great idea on the photo of the capitol building mirrored by the other building. You have a great eye - I would say a professional!!!

My heart is hurting for your situation with your children and parents. Having been thru something similar, I just ask you to hold on and it will eventually blow over. It may take several months though. They may not do anything for your birthday or Mother's day, but always remember to send something for theirs. They will eventually come around!

Comment from bookncoffee - 1/14/05 4:14 PM

mariebm56 said...

Enjoyed your photos of Boise, Idaho.....
especially your reflections.

Comment from mariebm56 - 2/7/05 11:42 AM

zachary said...

Actually I want to comment on all your photo's, not just this one. They're absolutely beautiful! I found this site through a Google search because I was initially looking for photo's of McCall. I'm in Australia, but my fiance is American and originally from Boise, however when I finally get to the US the plan is to move to McCall. So thankyou for the photo's, they really are quite spectacular. :)

Comment from paranoidpoet82 - 2/13/05 4:02 PM