Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Photo Sunday

We got up early and went trucking. My guy needed to unload thirty miles from home so I brought my new camera to play with and went with him. Here's what I found...

This is my guy's big truck. He drives for a small, local company, making sure all the loads arrive safe and on time.

Pallets. I found the stacks of pallets to be photo interesting while waiting to drop or unload the trailer. The trade of pallets from one load to another is something else. Some companies will refuse loads if the pallets are not of their expected quality.
A tree silhouetted against the morning sky across the road from our drop.
We were supposed to get up to four inches of the white stuff Sunday morning... There was barely a dusting of snow, early Sunday morning. Most had melted away before noon.

More of my "Photo Sunday" to come in my next entry.


sonya said...

I love your pics! Hope you had a fun day. I especially like the field - since I'm into landscapes!!! Great job. Looks like a nice camera.
Comment from bookncoffee - 1/12/05 4:12 AM

nettie said...


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barb said...

Well since I can't go trucking any more this entry is a help. Makes me smile. Great photos and appreciate you sharing them . Hugs. *Barb*
Comment from barbpinion - 1/12/05 11:40 AM

becky said...

I love the pic of the pallets. Your abstract photos look so cool! :-)
Comment from ryanagi - 1/12/05 2:13 PM

hope4meeeee said...

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