Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Photo Sunday continued...

We dropped the trailer to be unloaded later and bobtailed back to Boise through very rural Idaho.

We came upon a sheepherder's cabin in the center of this pasture, no sheep in sight.
We took the next road and headed up this country lane in search of sheep. Our eyes caught this incredibly colored, overgrown, wild rose bush that had gone to seed on the side of the road.
At the next turn we found llamas. While I was hanging out of the passenger side of the truck, shooting these pictures, the llama's owner came out and tossed them some hay. The llamas seemed to be ignoring us.

We finally found the sheep that went with the sheepherder's cabin. They were way out there! I zoomed in as close as I could with my 10x optical lens from a hillside above the pasture.
From here, we continued our journey back to Boise. We stopped by the house, checked on the dogs and downloaded pictures. After spending some time with my son and the dogs, we drove on into Boise to get more photos of our city. I'll post those tomorrow.


hope4meeeee said...

dang i need one of those cameras ooo yes i do
Comment from hope4meeeee - 1/13/05 3:15 AM

hope4meeeee said...

such such lovely pictures
Comment from hope4meeeee - 1/13/05 3:16 AM

linda said...

what wonderful pictures! please continue taking them and sharing them with us!!

Comment from lindainspokane - 1/13/05 4:55 AM

sonya said...

I am enjoying your photo shoot!!!! You have quite the eye for capturing shots. Professional, I must say!!!! I loved the llama shot!!!
Comment from bookncoffee - 1/13/05 5:10 AM

becky said...

Love the rose bush and the llamas! :-) The cabin on wheels too.
Comment from ryanagi - 1/13/05 6:48 AM

yakima127 said...

Llamas are so cool! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 1/13/05 7:13 AM