Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Long Thanksgiving Weekend

My long weekend has come to end. I have been off work since Thanksgiving day, through yesterday... six whole days off work! It was hard to get up for work this morning.

Thanksgiving started off a bit rocky, between my guy and my mom... I'm not sure how I manage sometimes. Family drama...

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. My brother and his family, five of them in all, had drove in from California the day before. My parents' neighbor and her family joined us, three of them. My son and his girlfriend were there too. With my parents and I, there was a good group of us.

As we all settled into our seats at the table for dinner, prayers were said and then the doorbell rang! My mom wondered who that could be, as we were all there. Someone guessed it was my 4 year old nephew. Nope, he was right there at the table.

My dad gets up as the doorbell rings and rings... and in came my daughter!!! Oh my gosh! Seeing her, I couldn't hold back the tears of happiness. My daughter and I had tried and tried to find a flight she could afford, to get her home for the holiday, without success. Next year, we thought, we would do better in planning her trip home. And, here she was!!!

She had asked for Wednesday off work, got her car in for a check-up and oil change, and drove from Los Angeles to Reno, spending the night at her boyfriend's family's home in Reno that night. She was up early Thanksgiving day and drove the eight hour drive from Reno to Boise, making it just in time for dinner! Oh, it was so good to see her!

Friday, I spent the day with my guy and his son and his son's girlfriend. This town is out of turkey of any kind, the day after Thanksgiving... we learned the hard way. We finally found a breast of turkey, marinated in lemon garlic. It was actually pretty darn good. As was the rest of our little feast.

It's a girl! Earlier this week, we learned we are going to be grandparents! My guy's son is going to be a daddy in January. They are both very young and struggling with their relationship and the fact that they are going to be parents. We want to be supportive of them both, and hope to be part of this baby's life. Our wishes were made known. The mom has only met us twice now. We enjoyed seeing them, having dinner with them, and visiting.

Saturday, my daughter and I spent the whole day together, alone. She kept saying she wanted to spend the day with her mom! From not wanting to see me at all, a couple of years ago, to this... I was really tickled, and enjoyed every moment.

My guy suggested I give my daughter her Christmas present early, she could really use it... a Garmin GPS. See, when I visited my daughter in Venice, California, earlier this year, she complained about how lost she gets, all the time. It was so frustrating for her, and sometimes even scary, ending up in the wrong place. I thought then, I will get this for her for Christmas.

My guy was right, she loved it! We took it out and drove around Boise, Eagle and Meridian, learning how to use the GPS. I drove, she played. We looked up a Starbucks we had never been to before, and followed the directions, and wha-la! There we were! Sounds silly, but seriously, this is going to be so good for my little girl in big ol' Los Angeles, California!

Early Sunday morning, my brother and his family, and my daughter, all left for California. The weather was cold, but dry, thank goodness. I always worry about icy roads this time of year. My niece, a senior in high school this year, shared the driving with my daughter from Idaho to Reno. They followed my brother. At Reno, my daughter had to turn south for Los Angeles, my brother and his family kept west for the central coast of California.

My guy and I spent the day together. We went to the movies and saw Beowulf in 3D. I really do not care for these types of movies and had a hard time staying awake. The special glasses we needed to wear were dirty, even though they were supposed to be washed. I went to trade them during the running of previews only to be handed a towel to wipe them off with. Hmm... wonder if they ever were washed. I ended up taking the glasses off a couple of different times. Anyway... my guy enjoyed the movie, and I got to snuggle up and keep warm with him for a couple of hours.

Later that night, I received a text message from my son saying he would not be coming home Sunday night. He wouldn't answer my text replies or my phone calls after that. I am starting to get used to this practice of his, and figured he was spending the night at his girlfriend's home, as her parents continue to allow this. I had made plans earlier to meet his girlfriend Monday, after school, for coffee.

Monday, my guy left to finish his run, driving to Pendleton, Oregon, and back. He would be home in time for dinner. I spent the day cleaning house, then met my son's girlfriend for coffee. LJ told me my son had signed papers with the Army National Guard. I couldn't believe it. He promised to see other recruiters before deciding on which branch of the service he was going with. And, I really hoped he would change his mind about signing up at all.

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