Saturday, November 13, 2004

Thinking About Harley

Harley, I miss you so much!


barb said...

I am so sorry about Harley. I know how much you miss him. Like I said, in another comment to you, we lost our precious "Buddy" two years ago and we still cry about it sometimes. Big hugs, my friend. *Barb

Comment from barbpinion - 11/13/04 12:06 PM

barb said...

What a face is right. Absolutely adorable. Sorry you're missing Harley so much. I remember how much it hurts to lose one's pet. They are family. Hugs, my friend.
Comment from barbpinion - 11/16/04 9:56 AM

nettie said...

I can only imagine how sad you must be, it's so soon....give yourself time, Harley is running free at the rainbow bridge....
Comment from cneinhorn - 11/18/04 3:29 PM