Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Anxiously Waiting

I've been checking the UPS Tracking website all day at work. I kept refreshing the screen, and as soon as I saw that my package from NYC was delivered, I was going to rush home for lunch! The package never came. So, I decided to take a late lunch, run some other errands, pay a bill, and then run home anyway to let the dogs out for a few minutes.

It's been trying to rain all day. The walkway from my driveway to the house was damp and there was even a puddle where some light rain had pooled. As I walked towards the house, I didn't see any packages nestled behind the chair on the porch where the delivery guys typically leave them.

When I got to the door, I noticed a damp footprint. It was a man's boot. It was a very recent marking. I thought, "Ooh no, he's already been here!" Then I saw it, the sticky receipt the drivers leave stuck to your door when they need a signature for receipt of packages, and no one is home. ARRGGGHH!

I pulled the receipt off the door as I entered the house. The customer service phone number was proudly printed at the bottom of the receipt, right below the Tracking number.

I called customer service and explained I had missed the delivery and would like it redelivered tomorrow, at my place of work. When I purchased this camera, the shipping address was noted as my work address. But, when I gave them my credit card information, they verified my credit card billing address. I was so excited about the camera, I never thought anything more about the shipping address.

Anyway, I got things all squared away. I would receive this new camera at work tomorrow! I still was so very excited. People at work have asked me before to take pictures of this or that for them, and I've always done it because I love to take pictures! So, these same people knew I was expecting this camera and couldn't wait to see it either. Delivering it at work would be perfect!

So, now I'm driving back to work. It's starting to really rain. I have to keep my wipers on without using the intermittent control. I didn't get any lunch and was thinking where I could drive through fast. I made it down the street, turned and went down the next street, and then turned again onto the last street before getting out of our subdivision, and there he was! The UPS truck!

I honked several times and pulled in front of it. It was parked on the street in front of someone's house. It's absolutely POURING by now! I run back to the truck, waving my little UPS receipt, and this young guy pokes his head out from the back of the truck and says, "You must be C...!" He smiled. "I am! I am!" He found my package, I signed his electronic signature device and he handed me my package! I’ve got it! YES!

Look at all this stuff it comes with! I can't believe it! It's amazing!

I've got it all put together and now I'm so tired, I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to play some more with it. I'm so happy!


becky said...

Well...I'm sorry to see that your Christmas turned into a big bummer. But this camera is a major WOO HOO! What a great new toy. I hope things get worked out with your kids soon. :-/
Comment from ryanagi - 12/30/04 2:03 AM

hope4meeeee said...

i still would like to see ..and to know how much this thingy is i want one i want one please tell me ok
Comment from hope4meeeee - 12/30/04 2:37 AM

ellie said...

The camera looks AWESOME...I am so glad you were able to get it...Enjoy using it and definitely post more pics...LOL Have a great New Year's
Comment from jibaro6543 - 12/30/04 8:53 AM

sonya said...

Oh, you are soooooooooooo funny! Chasing down that UPS man. I bet he was disappointed when he realized you only wanted your camera and not him!!!! LOL!
Comment from bookncoffee - 12/30/04 8:10 PM

rebecca said...

Congrats on your new camera! It looks VERY nice. I hope all works out with your family. Time will heal..........
Comment from justaname4me2 - 12/30/04 9:57 PM

nettie said...

ohhhhhhh.....very nice! I'm glad it finally arrived, I was like that too waiting for mine! LOL...enjoy your new toy!

Comment from cneinhorn - 1/4/05 8:01 AM