Saturday, December 04, 2004

Out of the Blue

Ever wonder how things that just happen, out of the blue, for no particular reason, and this thing is like the something that was meant to happen? Am I talking in circles? I don't mean to be confusing, but the other day something very strange but good, happened to me.

I know I've mentioned before how I take the puppies to work with me. The other day, when I had Rodney and Peanut with me, they needed a potty break. So, I took them down the hall and out the side door which opens to an empty lot. I always try to walk them down the fence line to the back of this lot, out of the foot path of anyone else. Our facility has grown so much, many of us have had to start using the street front of this empty lot for parking.

While I was out there, I noticed a man working on another employee's car. The back window was missing from this Jeep, and he was measuring to replace it. I wondered if he also fixed windshields that have been hit by gravel thrown up from another vehicle in front of you traveling 60 m.p.h. (My recent trip to Salt Lake City found us behind a gravel truck throwing pebbles half the size of golf balls! We tried to stay back and get around this truck as soon as we could, but my windshield was hit hard, leaving a pretty big blemish!)

I was holding Rodney and Peanut in my arms. This guy seemed to be really interested in the pups and asked if they were Yorkies. He told me he had a Yorkie at home. He wondered if I planned on breeding them. I explained I had two females at home that I had planned on breeding, but that I would have to find a stud for them. He explained that he had a three pound male at home that he was hoping to stud out.

My ears perked! I started asking questions about physical traits; are his ears up, color, etc. I told him my little female, just four pounds, wouldn't be ready until next summer sometime. He said that would be perfect, his male was born in April and is only about 8 months old.

I started to explain about the puppies' father, our stud, and how he had just been killed a few weeks ago. I mentioned Harley's name, and the guy just looked at me and said, his little three pound Yorkie's name was Harley too! It sent goose bumps all through me! I am sure we've found our stud for Molly!


linda said...

oh wow! de ja vu!! this is great news!! i am so happy for u...keep us posted as to how things go...i hope u have a very nice weekend..

Comment from lindainspokane - 12/4/04 2:21 PM

ellie said...

It was meant to be that you two meet up and discuss dogs...I think that is great. I want to thank you for visiting my inspirational journal...I so appreciate the comments. I hope you have a great weekend...I loved reading your entries.
Comment from jibaro6543 - 12/4/04 2:48 PM

sonya said...

Wow! What are the odds of that happening and you two meeting. That is a God thing! I'm telling you! So weird. I guess, no doubt, you got that guys number and I'm sure you can't wait to meet Harley.
Comment from bookncoffee - 12/4/04 6:16 PM

krissy said...

I am glad you found a stud. -Krissy

Comment from fisherkristina - 12/10/04 9:40 PM

coy said...

Awww ... great story, maybe it was just meant to be.
Molly's got a boy friend LOL!
*** Coy ***

Comment from coy1234787 - 12/14/04 9:58 PM