Saturday, December 18, 2004

My Furry Friends

Lucy is now our oldest Yorkie, and our biggest. Funny, we asked the vet just what was the average weight of Yorkies she sees. "Weights are across the board," she said. Lucy is about nine and a half pounds, and among the average weight this vet sees. Lucy is unrelated to our other pups, and she mother-hens them all, so well. She's very gentle and loving when playing with them. She entices and teases them, lets them win at games she plays with them.

Molly is one of Harley's daughters. Always full of energy, she loves to chase Lucy around, all day long. They play tug-of-war most of the time. She is the big sister to the boys, from another litter. Like most big sisters of little brothers that I know, she could do without the little brothers. Molly weighs in at just over four pounds. She's a little sweety and has her daddy's gold.

Rodney is now 14 weeks old! Time sure has moved right along. Seems like yesterday, we were bringing this little guy home at just six weeks old. Last night he weighed in at two pounds, fourteen ounces. Rodney loves to give kisses to anyone and everyone. He's our little love bug, cuddle butt. Rodney and Peanut go to work with me every day and are socialized very well. The patients love them. The boys lift the spirits of many who seem to have no hope.

Ozzy is growing like a weed! Also 14 weeks old, weighs more than five pounds! Hard to believe Rodney, Ozzy and Peanut, are all from the same litter. We think maybe mom dated a laborador on the side. Ozzy is such a good boy. He rides around the western states with my guy in a big rig most of the time, just like his dad used to. (Still miss you Harley!) Today, we noticed his colors are turning bright gold. He's gonna be big and beautiful.

Peanut is just doing wonderful. Fourteen weeks old. Hard to believe this little guy, the runt, was bottle fed and lifeless the first few weeks of his life. At six weeks old, we took him to the vet as he just was not right, he weighed only 11 ounces. We learned then, he had water on his brain causing massive swelling in his little head, which caused severe pressure to his eyes, and he was blind at best. Since then, he's been receiving treatment and amazingly, doing very well and much better. He's been able to see since two weeks into the treatment. Last night Peanut weighed two pounds, twelve ounces! Just two ounces less than Rodney! The vet was astonished. He's caught up to Rodney in size and weight, and running and jumping and biting and tugging, just like the rest of them.


sonya said...

What a wonderful entry. Thanks so much for posting this. They are all so cute! I love them each and every one!!! Bless Peanut's little heart. I hope he is going to be ok.
Such good cute furry friends.
Comment from bookncoffee - 12/18/04 5:25 PM

linda said...

all of the pics are adorable! but i think the one of molly is the cutest of all! thanks for sharing them with us!

Comment from lindainspokane - 12/18/04 9:13 PM

angela said...

These pictures are so cute, I was in a bad mood and I find myself smiling. : )

Comment from readmereadyou - 12/18/04 11:52 PM

hope4meeeee said...

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lisa said...

I really enjoyed reading about your Yorkies. I have one myself and I just love them. We also have a large Female Yorkie (Mia) weighing in at 11 lbs. Some people say she has to be a mix because of her size ~ but she is all Yorkie and we just love her.

Thanks for sharing,

Comment from alisa907a - 12/23/04 12:09 AM

susan said...

Oh, My Lord! They are so cute! You must be in heaven with all these precious fur kids. I think of you and Harley often and I continue to keep you in my prayers.
Comment from dakotarose2852 - 12/23/04 7:18 PM

watermelaneat said...

Peanut is just too cute! I used to live in Idaho...Throughout the State.
Happy New Year!
Comment from watermelaneat - 1/2/05 12:34 AM