Friday, December 24, 2004

Will Life Ever Be the Same

We met with a church mediator yesterday at noon. We, my guy and I, both of my parents, and both of my kids. This ordeal has been blown way out of proportion. My son, who seems to be hurting the most, has been pulled into this by his sister. She is not budging from her feelings, even after the deacon suggested, just for the holiday, to let things go and get along for the Christmas holiday. Both of my kids decided to stay with my parents instead of coming home with me.

It was obvious that all six of us have issues much greater than this one hour meeting could resolve. The deacon scheduled us all for another meeting in two weeks. Of course, my daughter would not be able to attend as she lives in Seattle and is only visiting this week.

It seemed as though the rest of us were willing to work this out and try to have a Christmas together. But, when I called this morning to confirm the plans made after yesterday's meeting, I was told all plans had been cancelled. I was also told that there would be no meeting with the deacon in two weeks, this has to be postponed to an unspecified date in the future.


sistercdr said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, especially now. Y'all will be in my prayers.
Comment from sistercdr - 12/24/04 4:11 PM

sonya said...

I know you are hurting inside right now. But I hope that you do not give up "hope". Sometimes families have to go through "things" to make them stronger. Just keep hold of that thought. Also, the children are youthful still and emotions are always much stronger in your youth. So they will come around. I will say a prayer for you!!!!
Comment from bookncoffee - 12/24/04 6:59 PM

ellie said...

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers...sorry this had to happen this time of year...keep the faith...believe in your family!!!
Comment from jibaro6543 - 12/26/04 11:03 AM