Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hanging In There


Boise State Broncos have done it again! Last week, BSU played against University of Nevada Reno, winning by a long shot, 49 to 14. Yesterday, they hosted New Mexico State and left them in the dust early on. New Mexico never did catch up, and the game ended with a 56 to 6 BSU win. Next week BSU will play Fresno State at Fresno, California.

The photo above was a mirror image of the skies above Boise yesterday. The clouds hung around and by evening the wind picked up as a new storm rolled in. It's been raining since. Earlier this week, we received our first dusting of snow in the mountains here. Since then, some of the ski resorts have received a good foot of snow, as we've had a couple of storms come through. With this new storm last night and today, the resorts are expecting another 6 to 8 inches of new snow. We will receive rain here in the valley.

My guy has been on special assignment and not home for two weeks, and will not be home for another two weeks. He sent me a little ditty via email last night that made me smile. I could feel his hugs.

My daughter will be in town this week. Her new band has been touring the country and they will be playing in Boise, Wednesday night! I haven't seen her in several months and can't wait to see her. I've asked for the day off work to spend some time with her before she is off to her next stop. I need to let her know my Christmas plans.

My son, he's going through a rough time. It breaks my heart to see him hurting so much. He's just 16 years old, too young to be hurting like he is. He and I talked, and I think he's going to be okay. It takes time to heal, and time seems to stand still when you're in the midst of turmoil. We'll work through this.

Update on Gramma... Wednesday this past week, we had to transport Gramma to the emergency room. She seemed to be declining, she was not doing well. We followed the ambulance to the hospital. Her condition was bad enough to admit her to the hospital. This is her second inpatient stay in a month's time. Friday, after stabilizing her, she was sent by ambulance to a specialty hospital for further care. She seems to be drifting away. I know she still has drugs in her system that are causing some of her symptoms. Some of these drugs may have triggered underlying problems to surface that we were not aware of before. We are hoping she will improve enough to go home.


naturegirlfromny said...

What a shame about your gramma, I hope she improves. It awful to see a loved one like that. Linda
Comment from naturegirlfromny - 11/7/05 4:02 AM

Kath said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter. I'll say some prayers for your son and grandmother.
Comment from dklars - 11/7/05 5:38 AM

sie said...

I hope you get to spend some really nice time with your daughter. and, I hope when I get to that point your grandma is at, that I have family there looking out for me like you are doing for her. ~Sie
Comment from sieblonde - 11/7/05 5:52 AM

ari said...

I really hope your Gramma gets better. Poor dear. It would be nice if she could go home.

Ohhh, don't say the "s" word. I don't want it to come yet. It's too early for that stuff! No snow! Ooops... I said the s word too now...

Comment from mechants - 11/7/05 6:48 AM

delela1 said...

Yea Broncos! University of Idaho is not doing as well. Enjoy your visit with your daughter. And just be there for your son, sometimes that's all they need. Sending prayers of loving and healing for you and your Gramma...
Comment from delela1 - 11/7/05 10:24 AM