Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Spoke Too Soon

All was going so well. The surgeon was excited about the damaged found and the repairs made. Recovery from surgery would be pretty much painless immediately after surgery as they administered a nerve block in his arm pit to block feeling to his whole arm. This should last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, we were told.

My son hadn't eaten in 24 hours and was starving after surgery. He requested the Olive Garden, again! I went in and ordered takeout, soup and salad and bread sticks. We shared a lasagne serving. Dinner was yummy, my son was definitely coming out of the anesthesia.

About 11pm, my son informed me his finger was "starting to really hurt!" As advised by the surgeon and anesthesiologist, it was about time to start the pain meds sent home with us. By 11:45pm, the pain had increased to at least a 20 on a chart of 0 to 10!

I phoned the surgeon's service in hopes of getting a hold of him, or someone. I was assured someone would phone me back in a few minutes. The minutes went by, and by some more. Time was moving so slow.

By midnight, my son was totally dressed and dancing around the front door. He was in so much pain! I took him to the ER.

About a half hour after arriving at the ER, the surgeon's service called back to check if anyone had called me. I explained that I couldn't wait any longer and took my son to the ER, and no, no one had called me back. He apologized for the no response. I told him it was okay and it wasn't his fault no one called me back. ARGH!

At the ER, the physician on staff was concerned about giving another nerve block to my little guy's finger. He wasn't sure if giving him another block in the nerve would damage any of the repairs made to that nerve during the surgery earlier. They gave him more narcotics. The pain would go away, but came back within 30 minutes.

My son asked so many times if he could just spend the night and keep getting the meds in the IV, he felt so much better. But, the meds just didn't last long. He was afraid to go home.

At about 2:30am, the surgeon on call for our surgeon phoned the ER and let the doc there know it was okay to give another block to my little guy's finger. Whew! Within a minute of getting the block, my son was doing fine. Without the block, the pain just kept creeping back.

We were back home by 3am and he was fast asleep by 3:15am. I set the alarm for 5am, when I was to give him more pain meds. I was so exhausted I didn't even hear the alarm. I woke up to the neighbor's dog barking at about 7am. The good thing was, my little guy was sound to sleep. I had to wake him to give him his meds.

Today has gone so much better. I have been keeping him doped up. It's so hard to see your baby in such pain, even if he is 16 years old.

When my guy phoned this morning, I broke down. So much has happed this time while he's been out. He's heading home... He's been gone since October 25th. My mom was finishing up her radiation therapy. My gramma went through hell and back. And now, my little guy.

I've been told things happen in threes. I think I've met my quota! I'm knocking on wood and praying everything is now moving in an upward and better trend.


~~Kath~~ said...

Oh goodness, I hope the pain goes away quickly for him. I think the hardest part of being a parent is knowing your kids are in pain and you can't make it go away!

Tess said...

Sounds as if you are on your last nerve! I hope the pain doesn't repeat in intensity.
I crushed a nerve in my neck almost 2 years ago and I still have pain on and off. Nerves do take so much time to heal.
Good luck to your son!
Happy Thanksgiving!

bookncoffee said...

Oh, I am sorry you all have had a rough time and I hope he doesn't have pain like that again. Bless his heart. I know as a Mom, you were beside yourself.
Glad your Guy is coming home.

Val said...

Glad he is feeling better! It is scary & frustrating when your babies are in pain! What ever happened to us kissing it and making it better! I get so upset when the kids are hurting and there is nothing I can do to make it go away. They just look at you with those sad eyes, like "Mommy make it better please!" I hope all goes well from here. Sounds like you are going to be more then ready to go on that cruise! It's about time for some TLC for you!

Echo said...

They never get too old to break our hearts do they? Hold in there and love you're loved ones over the holidays.

Ari said...

Oh gosh, hon, yes you have met your quota! No more for you! I really hope things go a lot better. Poor guy, I hope he recovers soon.


Sie said...

I think you've met your quota too! I hope your guy gets home soon and your 'little' guy is in much less pain.

Judith HeartSong said...

I hope that things are evening out... you have had enough. Time for good stuff.

Deborah said...

Hope your son is feeling better, now. You really have had a lot to handle this year. Bet your counting the days till your cruise. And your guy is home with you. ~Deborah

Kasey said...


I hope that everything works out for your son! Keeping you in my thoughts!!