Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It Went Well

I'm exhausted! I was up early today so I could get to the office and out again by about 1pm. Surgery was at 4:30pm. I needed to run home to pickup my son and then head back to Boise and get to the surgery center by 3pm.

It was nearly 2pm when I arrived home. My son was showered and ready to go. Poor guy, he was so nervous. To think they would have to rip him back open again to repair the damage to his finger, just scared him to death. It hurt bad enough the first time, to last the rest of his life.

My parents met me and my son at the surgery center. I was glad they were there for him, and for me. Seems we've all been through quite a bit this year. I can't wait for this year to be over and the new year to begin!

Anyway, back to my little guy...

He's doing really well. The surgeon was excited to let us know that the damage was to just the nerves, and the tendon was intact and untouched by the knife blazing through my son's finger. My little guy will not be able to return to his job for almost two weeks, he's not too happy about that. He loves his job and co-workers, and not to mention the money.

Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers and thoughts.


Ari said...

Oh I'm so glad it went well and that he was not more severely injured. Thank goodness!

Stacy-Lynn said...

Glad everything went well!

Have an awesome holiday!