Monday, November 21, 2005

Surgery's Scheduled

Friday night, the ER referred us to a hand specialist. Of course, it was after midnight Friday, when we got home, and then the weekend. So, first thing this morning, I phoned the orthopedic surgeon to schedule an appointment for my son. The ER doc had briefed this hand specialist Friday night. They were waiting for our call, we got in at 2pm today.

I had been a bit worried and a little upset since I learned my son will most likely need surgery to repair the possible severed nerves in his finger. I was having a total momma moment... "Why don't they fix him up right then (Friday night) when he was already numbed up and wide open?" That's what they do on "ER" Thursday nights! I didn't want him to have to go through the pain of re-opening the wound to repair it.

I learned today, nerves and tendons, when cut like this, swell and fray immediately after an injury. When in this condition it's very possible to over do, or under do, the repair, while stitching them back together. Though, three to five days later, these severed parts of our bodies, shrink and tighten up to a more normal state and are easier to stitch up correctly. So, it was best we wait.

After testing range of movement and feeling, the doc today explained, my son most definitely has severed at least one nerve, maybe two, and possibly the tendon in his finger. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm. The doc said he'll know more when he gets in there. The doc also explained, right now my son has 0% range of movement. With the surgery, in case we thought we had a choice, he'll have 30 to 75% range of movement. He'll probably never have 100% again, in this left index finger.

My son is sleeping now. At the doc visit today, it was the first time he'd seen his wound since Friday when the accident happened. It was almost too much for him to look at it. He did manage to take a photo of his finger with his cell phone after the nurse unwrapped it and before the doc came in. My son's pretty nervous about the procedure tomorrow. I keep telling him to think past tomorrow, when he's all put back together and on the road to recovery. I'm praying for all to go well tomorrow!


Ari said...

Oh man, I hope his surgery goes well, poor guy. I couldn't look at it either. I don't blame him there.

I gotta tell you, because I can't help it... Your son is very handsome. Wow. He's gonna be a heartbreaker! Heheh

Tess said...

So glad that the doctors are talking. Hoping that all goes well and for the best results!

Becky said...

Yowch...poor kid. I hope surgery goes without a hitch and he does really well with physical therapy.

Val said...

Wishing your Son well. Our plastic surgeons do this kind of surgery here. They have patients come from all over to do procedures. It is amazing what they can do! Good luck!