Wednesday, October 27, 2004

#16 Boise State Wins 18th Straight

BSU Football...


This team, my team, I might add, has won 18 games straight! WOW! I haven't missed one game this season. This year I've caught the games on either local t.v. or ESPN satellite t.v. This last weekend, the game was played here in Boise, at Bronco Stadium. The score, 33 - 16, Boise. It had rained hard all day long. I wasn't sure the game would go on, it had rained so hard. Then, just before the game, the sky cleared and the game began.

Some time during the game, the rain started up again. It even hailed on the game, but the game went on. The hail storm was short lived and the sky cleared again.


Photos courtesy of BSU website.

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sonya said...

Great pic of the field!!!!
Comment from bookncoffee - 10/30/04 7:19 AM