Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Boy! Do you ever just wish you could have Calgon take you away? Tonight is one of those nights for me! I've worked non-stop for nearly four weeks now. I've had to let people go, train new people, and get my own job done too. It's got to say something about my ethics, at least my work ethics. I'm there until I'm done. Not to mention, housework at home!

And, here I sit at yet another computer with my shoulders aching, back stinging, wrists throbbing, saying kick me again, I didn't have enough at work! LOL

Dinner's done, dishes and laundry are at a managable stage and can be left for another day. The dogs could use a bath, but that just doesn't sound fun right now. It's nearly 80 degrees outside still, just a gorgeous evening.

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levi1023 said...

I am feelin for ya Sistah!!! lol Here I am, after spending 8 hours at a computer, and what the heck am I doing? Yah! Puterin! Gluttens for punishment! 80 degrees! I had to fall to the sad little faces of my freezing children and turn on the furnace! I like it this temp, about 40 ish, 68 here in the house, if they'd
put some clothes on they wouldn't be cold!!!! Kids!!!!
Comment from levi1023 - 10/6/04 9:10 PM