Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I've got to brag a little...

My son... He's my youngest child, 15 years old, a sophomore in a Charter High School which specializes in health care, and he just graduated from his Driver's Training course tonight. Whew! He was given his driver's permit at the end of class tonight. I think that might have been the easy part! Now, he's going to want the keys to the car, all the time! I dread calling my insurance company to add him to my policy. I need a raise!!!

Actually, in the State of Idaho, my son will have to drive an additional 50 hours with a supervised adult, of which, at least 10 of those hours must be night driving hours. Idaho gives the instructors the kids' permits. The instructors hold this until the kids graduate driving school. Then, as long as the kids keep their permit (and do not get their actual driver's license), Idaho parents do not have to pay more on their premiums. I think this sounds too good to be true. I will call my insurance tomorrow and find out for sure.

Tonight, after all the students received their permits, the teachers talked about the class in general. This group of kids averaged the highest on tests in the history of this school, a private driving school. We were told we should all be proud of these kids. I am.

Then the teachers had three verbal awards they wanted to acknowledge to the group of us there, (maybe 30 to 40 parents and kids were there). Best Driver, Best Score on Test, and Best Attitude & Maturity.

I really felt like my son was going to get the Best Driver award. The teacher had made a comment after their first drive that my son was an excellent driver. He's been driving for years with us. They announced the Best Driver, it wasn't my son, we all applauded. Then they announced Best Score on Test winner, applause. And last but not least, they acknowledged the Best Attitude & Maturity... it was my son! Wow! Teachers have told this to me before, but you'd never guess it from his behavior at home! LOL

Anyway, it was after 9 p.m., it was starting to rain, he had his permit and was asking for the keys! I agreed he could drive us home. We started for home and realized we needed fuel, so we turned into a side street and did a u-turn, then headed back down to the gas station, probably three miles away from where we were. My son was totally excited. He got to drive half way into town for gas, then back home. He did very well! I never doubted he would.


monica said...

Of the three verbal awards, your son got the BEST! Way to go! :-)

Now for the scary part, adding insurance. I used to work for AAA ... not pretty.

Thanks for visiting my photo journal, I appricated your kind comment about the photograph. :-)

Comment from sonensmilinmon - 10/28/04 12:43 AM

barb said...

Gotta love this one. So proud of your son and I don't even know him. That says a lot about his parents. I say, GOOD JOB!!! hugs. *Barb*
Comment from barbpinion - 10/28/04 7:46 AM

sonya said...

Excellent. I dread this and it is just around the corner. But PreTeen will soon be 12. I know I will be scared to ride with her. I'm picky about driving anyway. I think b/c I have been in a few wrecks - never serious but now I like to be in control. So glad your son is a good driver and doing well. Hope the insurance isn't too high!
Comment from bookncoffee - 10/30/04 7:18 AM

nettie said...

Congrats to your son! Here in NJ, it's 16 for a permit and 17 for a restricted license (curfew, only 1 person in car etc) then 18 for a full license. My daughter takes her test this month!!!
Comment from cneinhorn - 11/1/04 7:47 PM