Saturday, October 02, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. Which of the following do you trust more: a politician, a televangelist, a lawyer, a reporter, or a doctor?
A doctor.

2. What's the last song you liked enough that you actually took the time to look up the lyrics?
A song from my daughter's band, "Into the Darkness" off their recently released CD, "Until the End". I'm not so crazy about the type of music they play and sing, but I'm pretty darn proud of my daughter and her drive to become a rock star!

3. Which deceased relative would you most like to spend one more afternoon with?
I would love to spend another afternoon with my grandfather. He passed away in 1991 at the age of 75. Taken too soon from life by Leukemia. To spend just one more afternoon fishing with him would be so nice.
Though we always lived in separate states, my family always spent school breaks, holidays, and a month in the summer each year with my grandparents. We would go camping, fishing, taking day trips in the wilderness.
My grandfather was an adventuress explorer who loved the outdoors. He was a great freshwater fisherman, fly fishing being his favorite fishing. I'll never forget how he taught me how to fish when I was probably just five or six years old...
"...hold on, be patient, wait... you'll feel them (fish) knocking at your door..." Sure enough, not but a few minutes later, knock, knock, knock! I was screaming with excitement, "They're knocking! They're knocking!" I think we caught our limits that day.

4. What is your preferred brand for: a) toothpaste, b) soap, c) shampoo, d) laundry detergent
a) Colgate
b) Dial
c) Aussie
d) Kirkland

5. What is your favorite poem?
I don't have a favorite poem, though I do have a favorite poem writer... My grandmother! She has written poems all her life, submitting them to Reader's Digest and others for poem writing contests. She's even won a few awards for her writings.

Tara: How did your parents select your first name? Were you named after a particular friend/relative/fictional character or did they just like the name?
Hmm... Good question! I'll have to find out. I think my first name was picked because they liked it rather than after someone.

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