Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oops! They did it again!

Photo copied from online Idaho Statesman newspaper.

BSU's 19th win in a row! Last night, BSU won 69-3 against Hawaii. It was a slaughter, to say the least. In the third quarter, our sophomore quarterback made school history with an 85-yard touchdown run. Wow!

Now, I haven't known much about football before, other than it was on t.v. in my house at every fall/winter holiday event when I was growing up. So, as I grew, married, divorced, and eventually had holiday dinners hundreds of miles from my family, the kids and I had football on our t.v. because it just felt right. I never knew anything about football though. It was on t.v. for the familiar noise in the background.

Well, I have been to two separate BSU games. The first game was about seven years ago with a gal who had won tickets. And the other time was last year when I won tickets.

Anyway, since I am a former BSU student myself, I consider BSU my team! Right now, they're doing great! Each new game that's played, I hold my breath. I am watching the game instead of just listening to it in the background of whatever I'm doing around the house. It's been pretty exciting lately.

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