Monday, October 11, 2004

Holiday Traditions

tradition: n 1 : an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought or action 2 : the handing down of beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example without written instruction; also : a belief or custom thus handed down

There's been chatter around here about what to do for the holidays. The holidays are just around the corner and will be here before we know it. So, we've been trying to figure out our holiday plans.

To me, holidays are for family gatherings. This probably comes from growing up with tons of relatives celebrating the holidays together over huge family dinners. It really didn't matter how old or how far apart we lived from eachother at these times, everyone did everything possible to be together for holidays.

Times have changed.

My daughter has mentioned being home for a week at Christmas, leaving us Christmas day to return to her home in Seattle. She did this last year. My son lives with me and will also be leaving Christmas day to visit his dad, out of state. He did this last year too.

For me, this is becoming an unwanted tradition at our house, me dropping these kids at the airport for their Christmas day departures. Then I get to go home, alone, to a fully decorated, empty house. Hmm... huge let down.

This past week I received an email from my daughter. She's coming home for Thanksgiving! Yeah! My office is closed the Friday after Thanksgiving, so this will be a nice, long weekend visit with her! It will be nice to have her home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays this year.

Then, I read more closely and realized she is arriving here at the airport at 9:30pm, the Sunday before Thanksgiving and leaving at 12:00pm, Thanksgiving day. This means we'll need to leave the house about 10:30am, Thanksgiving morning, to have her at the airport by 11:00am.

Hmm... I'm feeling a bit short changed. I haven't seen her since last February and won't get to see much of her while she's here.

My daughter's band is traveling to Europe and she is not exactly sure when they will be returning. Now her Christmas plans have been put on hold. As soon as she knows more about her travel dates, she'll be able to book her days home at Christmas. I'm sure she'll be home for Christmas.

My guy and I are starting to think we should make some Christmas plans of our own. Maybe a romantic cabin weekend, or a flight to a city that's up all night, or a short cruise somewhere warm. A new tradition. We'll see.


Valerie said...

Take the Cabin!!!!! lol I have been wanting to go to the mountains and get a cabin for Christmas for years! I think it would be so grand to get a lil tree and have the fire place and spend a quiet meaningful Holiday together.
Comment from levi1023 - 10/12/04 12:03 AM

Valerie said...

PS, I took my daughter to NYC last year for Christmas, and it is alot of fun too. If you ever get th echance to do that, you have to see the Rockettes Christmas show! Very exciting.
Comment from levi1023 - 10/12/04 12:05 AM

nettie said...

cabin idea sounds lovely! ~JerseyGirl
Comment from cneinhorn - 10/14/04 12:16 PM