Monday, October 04, 2004

More About Harley...

I've wanted to get these pictures of Harley out for all to see how he's grown. Yorkies change so much as they grow. They start out looking like miniature Rottweilers. You can see newborn Yorkies here: Puppies!

Harley is our first Yorkie. In the past, I've always had large dogs, two Golden Retrievers at the same time. I love Goldens, but these little guys are so much fun! They're smart. They play all day long. It's so funny to watch them.

I'll have to introduce to you Lucy and Molly next time, often referred to around here as "the girls." Lucy is just over a year old, not related to Harley. And Molly, is eight months old. She's Harley's daughter. No, no, Lucy is not the momma.


mskatdabrat said...

Thanks for visiting my photoblog and leaving a comment with your journal address. Your Yorkie is adorable. I have a golden now...he is a wonderful companion (read...shadow). :)
Comment from mskatdabrat - 10/5/04 8:46 AM

levi1023 said...

I love Harley! Too bad Starr is fixed, or they'd make great pups together! She's a cockapoo, and her pups were adorable! If She'd have had 100 pups I would have had takers! I am still getting people calling asking me if I am interested in breeding her because she is so adorable and has such a great personaltiy!
Comment from levi1023 - 10/6/04 9:13 PM