Saturday, October 02, 2004

Black with Gold Trim

As I promised in my first entry, I wanted to share with you how we came up with our little dog's name. Here's a clip from my private journal...

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Okay, let me explain a couple of things... My significant other purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle, just before Christmas 2001. Sight unseen. (His brother's a car salesman.) My guy has owned motorcycles all his life, except for the time since he's met me. We met in January of 1997.

So, he purchases this Harley Davidson motorcycle. It's beautiful. Black with gold trim.

Little did I know, for weeks my guy had been searching for a special Christmas present for me. With his job, he's in another town almost every morning. So, over breakfast he'd read the local morning newspaper classifieds. He found several ads, across the west, for this gift he hoped to give me. He started making some calls and found this particular gift to be very spendy.

Down to the wire, it was the night before Christmas Eve. My guy was now home for the holiday. We had gone to the mall to finish up some last minute shopping. After an exhausting run through the mall, we ended up at the pet shop. Puppies were everywhere. And, all the puppies were Christmas discounted!

I was not aware of my guy asking the store clerk about a specific breed of dog and then actually finding this breed. We had been there for some time, petting most the puppies. They were all so cute! I was holding this little Yorkshire Terrier when my guy tells me, "This is my Christmas gift to you!"

Surprised, I think my jaw dropped to the floor. I was speechless! I looked at the puppy, looked back at my guy. These dogs were expensive, too expensive! I told him, "I don't want any dogs." Besides, we had three very independent cats. We didn't need a dog.

Well, itwas as if I had shot my guy through the heart. The look on his face was pure disbelief and hurt. It hurt me to see him so. It took just a minute for me to realize what I had just done to my guy, I was sure I broke his heart. So, I change my mind. I really didn't want a dog, but even more, I couldn't bare to hurt my guy. I could tell he had put so much love into this idea. And, giving it a second thought, it was so romantic and sweet. I said, "Okay."

As a result, we brought home this very adorably cute, little black with gold trim puppy! What a sweetie! And you might have guessed, his name is Harley!

So you see, we both got Harleys that Christmas, black with gold trim!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! How adorable! Now look at that face! Aren't you glad you gave in! Do you think you can mail a puppy to WV? Or is that illegal? hmmmmmm
Comment from levi1023 - 10/2/04 10:39 PM