Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Harley's Little V-Rod

Rodney... Isn't he cute?! Rodney, "Harley's Little V-Rod". Yes, he's Harley's son. Rodney's six weeks old in this picture, and a little spitfire. I don't normally like to take these little guys from their momma's so soon, but his momma had pretty much stopped nursing him. Rodney was eating puppy food on his own and playing well with the other pups, so we took him home Saturday.


valerie said...

OMGOSH! He is so adorable! I can't believe how adorable! If you ever grow tired, he'd fit right in here with the princess! We'd make him the prince! lol
Comment from levi1023 - 10/26/04 10:50 PM

monica said...

Cute? He's BEYOND cute! He's ADORABLE!! I want a puppy like him! Shhh, just don't tell my big horse of a 6 month old puppy I said that.

Comment from sonensmilinmon - 10/28/04 12:45 AM

nettie said...

what a cute little thing! little! Wow, he's tiny!
Comment from cneinhorn - 11/1/04 7:45 PM