Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wigs Update

Finally, the gal at work stopped to talk with me!

I didn't think I was going to get a chance to talk with her about Wigs. I wanted desparately to know that Wigs was doing okay. I had been off work for five days since she took Wigs home with her, and yesterday was another day that I didn't see this gal at work. We work in different parts of our facility. So literally, days could go by without seeing eachother, though, I've seen her car parked in our parking lot.

This morning, she saw me and came into my office to talk with me. She began by telling me she didn't think Wigs was eating, she wasn't able to get Wigs to take her meds (I had recently took Wigs in to the doc for some skin irritation), and she thought she may even need to bring Wigs back to me. (My heart sunk!)

Then, she figured out Wigs was eating at night, after everyone had gone to bed. She thought she'd try something I told her about before she took Wigs home. She gave Wigs a cup of yogurt!

Now, I didn't exactly tell her to give Wigs a cup of yogurt, but I did say that Wigs becomes your best friend when she hears the sound of spoons scraping the insides of a yogurt cup. I explained that I would set the practically empty yogurt cup down for her. Wigs would always use her paws to finish off anything left in the cup.

So now the whole cup of yogurt was set before Wigs for her delight and pleasure. Of course, Wigs being Wigs, she began eating the yogurt with her paws! This set the elderly mother-in-law into an uncontrollable giggle, she nearly peed her pants she was laughing so hard. Wigs! She's so cute!

Ahh, I miss her!


Becky said...

Sorry you had to give your Wigs a new home. I miss my kitty too... thanks for stopping by my journal. :-)
Comment from ryanagi - 10/15/04 10:15 PM

levi1023 said...

I am sure you miss Wigs, and I am sure she misses you also. We get so attached to these furry lil babies don't we! lol But I am sure with some hints from you, like the yogurt, Wigs will settle in nicely. It is nice that the lady is concerned about her to at least come to you and try a few tricks before giving up.
Comment from levi1023 - 10/16/04 1:39 AM

krissy said...

My cat eats with his paws too. It is because he watches what my boyfriend and I do and he copies us! He is highly intelligent because he is a Maine Coon. He can do so many things we do! -Krissy
Comment from fisherkristina - 10/17/04 11:09 PM