Thursday, October 07, 2004


I'm feeling aweful tonight. See, Wigs is my most favorite cat. She's loving, clean, doesn't shed, eats with her paws when she has the chance to. We've had her for more than seven years, since she was just a few weeks old. Today, I gave her away to a wonderful home where she'll be loved and cared for like a queen. I will miss her terribly.

Let me go back to the summer before last. We had three cats at the time, Wigs, Taz, and Nermal. Wigs and Taz came to us at the same time, adopted from our local Humane Society, years ago. Nermal was a stray we took in a couple of years later. Of course, we also had Harley (you can read how we got Harley, here:
Black with Gold Trim). And, we were in the midst of purchasing Lucy, another Yorkie. I've always loved animals.

Then, my guy's son was not able to keep his two cats, Goose and Sketch, so we offered to keep and care for them until he was able to take them back. Wow! Now there were five cats in the house! That's alot of cat-box duty!

I do not know what got into me, but about this time, a gal at work brought in a box of kittens, and yes, I came home with yet another critter, Bunni. Bunni was a Manx who had a major wobble to her walk. She hopped when she ran. With all the older cats in the house, the kitten was refreshing and fun. I admit now, it was a very selfish act on my part, to bring her home.

Lucy came home in September, last year. This brought us to two dogs and six cats! CRAZY! We have a pet door and a large backyard, so it wasn't so bad. But in the evenings, there wasn't much room left on the sofa!

After a long winter of pet fur and smells, I started suggesting we give some of our furry friends away to good homes. My guy's son's two cats were off limits. So, I began giving away my cats. First to go were Taz and Bunni. They went to the same home, a gal at work took them. Then, Nermal went. Goose disappeared. I think one of the neighbors is taking care of him. Sketch left last Sunday, home with my guy's son. And, tonight, a gal from work who has an elderly mother-in-law at home all day, took Wigs. Then there were none.

We still have the dogs; Harley, Lucy and Molly. The dogs are not going anywhere. My guy takes Harley with him, long haul trucking. It's now just me and the girls. Much more managable for me. I think keeping Wigs would have been fine, but this gal at work could offer Wigs a better place with more attention. I hope I've made the right choice.


cneinhorn said...

What a gorgeous photo of Wigs! wow!
Comment from cneinhorn - 10/12/04 9:10 AM

fisherkristina said...

So sorry you had to give Wigs and the other cats away. But you know as I said in an email to you, I think it is one of the most unselfish things you could have done to give them to a good home. -Krissy
Comment from fisherkristina - 10/17/04 11:10 PM