Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fire over the fence...

Fall, my most favorite season!


monica said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures. I love the autumn colors. :-) I'm off to check the past entries. Thanks for visiting and commenting at my journal. I know I'll be back here, I like what I see. :-)

Comment from sonensmilinmon - 10/17/04 11:03 PM

krissy said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the colors. -Krissy
Comment from fisherkristina - 10/17/04 11:07 PM

sara said...

Thought I'd come and check out your autumn photo's. They're beautiful!! I love all those rich autumn colours. Well done you!
Sara x
Comment from sarajanesmiles - 10/18/04 1:05 AM

madmanadhd said...

Stunning! You have captured the fire autumn ignites in some foliage. May I linger awhile over the fence and let the wind whisper her dreams to me of summers yet to come, while Summer 04 passes in one last blaze of glory? Well done. Please feel welcome to pop on over and view my humble effort at this photo assignment. Warmest regards.
Comment from madmanadhd - 10/18/04 3:54 AM

amy said...

Great pictures! I wish we had blue sky in Autumn here...

Amy x
Comment from abeator81 - 10/18/04 4:46 AM

valphish said...

Gorgeous! Ii love red and I particularly love the maple tree!
Comment from valphish - 10/18/04 9:30 AM

sonya said...

Hi. I love your journal. I plan to come back and visit!!!
Nice fall pics. it's my favorite time of the year too.
Wow, was it not difficult moving from California to Idaho? Was there culture shock? I've never been to Idaho, but seems it would be real different.
Please visit my journal sometime.
Comment from bookncoffee - 10/18/04 10:27 AM

becky said...

Lovely leaves!
Comment from ryanagi - 10/18/04 12:16 PM

becci said...

You're photographs are beautiful!
Becci. xxxx

Comment from beccihouse22285 - 10/18/04 12:25 PM

nettie said...

You captured the mood of the season perfectly!~JerseyGirl

Comment from cneinhorn - 10/19/04 8:21 PM

gatorspictures said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! c
Comment from gatorspictures - 10/20/04 12:31 AM

kat said...

These are beautiful. The color is SO striking!
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 10/20/04 4:03 AM

kelli said...

Leaves, leaves and more leaves! I love it!!!!
Fall is my favorite season, and I love to see pictures from different places.
Comment from grassriver - 10/20/04 12:48 PM